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Australian Meteorological Association - Citizen Science Unit

Cape Borda 1861-1880

Australian Bureau of Meteorology SA Regional Office Sub-daily readings for the west end of Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Adelaide Temperature

Analysis 1857-1956

Australian Bureau of Meteorology SA Regional Office Daily Adelaide Glaisher stand max/min temperature readings

Tasmania 1840-1847

Rossbank Observatory, Libraries Tasmania,  Series NS218 Sub-daily recordings and daily descriptions of meteorological and magnetic conditions

Adelaide 1843-1856

National Australian Archives AP810 Series 58 Some of the earliest meteorological observational records taken in the town of Adelaide, Colony of South Australia

Upper Winds 1950-1957

National Australian Archives AP810 Series D1348 Upper Winds for up to 50 stations across Australia in 2000+ images containing approx. 2.5 million data points
RAINFALL manifest

Tiparra Lighthouse 1878-1901

National Australian Archives D30 Part (not inc’l 1901-1920) 1500 images of sub-daily readings from Tipara Reef screwpile Lighthouse, Spencer Gulf, South Australia



This website is a proof of concept image portal for Project Met-ACRE.  It recognises that in the weather data rescue workflow,  it is much faster to image a page of numerous handwritten observations than to digitise the observations for inclusion in electronic databases.  As a result, many data rescue projects build a large portfolio of images with distant and even doubtful chances of being fully digitised.  MERIT is being designed to rescue these images before they also get lost like the original documents they were supposed to preserve.

Adelaide Observatory1858-67

National Australian Archives AP810 Series 23 The first meteorological records kept by newly appointed Met. Observer, Charles Todd at the new West Terrace Observatory

Weather Folios 1879-1957

National Australian Archives AP810 Series D1348 A collection of 65,000 images of Australasian synoptic charts, news text and other descriptive maps and charts